As the Alpenwild team, we explore the beauties of Switzerland on our hiking, walking, and food tours. We’ve experienced food from all over the country and met the farmers, chefs, and artisans that make Swiss food Swiss! It just wouldn’t be fair to keep all these secrets to ourselves, so we’re on a mission to share the goodness. Switzerland is a land where natural beauty and regional diversity are captivated in every meal. The resources and geographical strengths of each canton give the food its unique flavor. There are cows just about everywhere in Switzerland, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that all Alp cheeses are created equal: each bears the mark of its creator, providing an extraordinary experience. Whether it be fondue, crepes, or Rösti, we are dedicated to bringing you the best of Switzerland. Some of these recipes are original, and others are derived from our trial-and-error versions of restaurant dishes with the utmost dedication to Swiss flavor. All of them are delicious, so here’s a little taste of Switzerland that you can try right in your kitchen. Hopefully, you’ll also get the chance to experience it firsthand, because there’s nothing like getting to know the food alongside the culture. Guten Apetit!