Smallest Chocolate Maker in Switzerland

When I first heard this sentence, “The smallest chocolate maker in Switzerland,” I thought of a short man in a chef hat, making chocolate. I was very wrong. 

Following a beautiful winding road to the top of a hill, that is adorned with a majestic castle. Gruyeres is a small no car town that really only has two to three roads. Before you get a step into the town, you smell a invigorating mixture of chocolate and ice cream. A few steps on the cobblestone street leading you into the the town, the smell gets richer. Another ten steps and you have arrived at a charming rustic chocolate shop. 

Richard Uldry has a beautiful variety of chocolates made right in Gruyere. When you hear Richard talk about his chocolate, and taste his chocolate, you feel as if he is taking you on a trip through time. He showed us a cocoa pod and as he scored the pod and pried it open we all anxiously leaned forwarded to see the treasure inside. Inside the pod are around 20-30 seeds.  Richard let us all taste the fresh seed, which is the bean covered with a white pulp, that has a sweet taste. Richard continued telling us about the process of  fermenting, dried, and cleaned. Being packed and sent to the chocolatier, then shelled, roasted, and ground into a paste. This is where the chocolate has a strong and bitter taste. Richard adds sugar, milk powder, and even more cocoa butter. And at every stage we were able to taste the evolution of chocolate. Tasting how chocolate was first consumed up to the rich and creamy sensation it is now. He creates his own chocolate sensation from chocolate covered candied ginger to his own meringue. I personally loved all of the chocolate but my absolute favorite was the double cream caramels that are also sold in his store.

If you are ever in the surrounding towns of Gruyere, this is a much visit town. 

To take a visual tour of this quaint town and meet Richard in our video of the chocolate in Gruyere. Visit the site.









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