Stuffed Chicken

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Stuffed Chicken
Serves 4
A traditional dish that is made during a vintage festival in September.
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Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
1 hr
Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
1 hr
  1. 150 g cooked sauerkraut
  2. 1 boiled potato, peeled and diced
  3. 1 shallot, finely chopped
  4. ΒΌ tsp. Salt
  5. Pinch of pepper
  6. 4 chicken breast
  7. 12 rashers bacon *
  8. 100 ml white wine
  9. 200 ml double cream
  10. 1 bunch parsley
  11. 1 garlic clove
  12. Salt and Pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Combine the sauerkraut, potato, and shallot
  3. Season with Salt and Pepper
  4. Once mixed, take the chicken breast and cut in half
  5. Stuff the potato mixture in the chicken and wrap with bacon
  6. Saute in a pan until the bacon is browned
  7. Bake for 20 mins.
  8. While you are waiting for the chicken add the wine to the same pan you cooked the bacon wrapped chicken
  9. Let the wine reduce for 5 minutes
  10. Add the garlic and cream
  11. Let simmer and thicken for ten minutes
  12. Stir in parsley, salt, and pepper
  13. Serve chicken with sauce and garnish with parsley
  1. * I only use six but if you want to cover the whole breast with bacon, you will need 12 slices.
Adapted from The Swiss Cookbook
Adapted from The Swiss Cookbook
My Swiss Kitchen

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